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Pound to Swiss franc forecast: Brexit to continue to drive pound to swiss franc exchange rates

May 14, 2019

Since the start of the year the general trend for pound to swiss franc exchange rates has seen the pound strengthen.
GBP/CHF mid-market levels started the year in the 1.23s and now are trading in the 1.30s. The pound strengthened as UK Prime Minister Theresa May extended Article50 by 6 months, which means the UK will not leave the EU without a deal.
Brexit cross party talks
However, in recent weeks the pound has actually lost some momentum against the franc due to Brexit. Cross party talks between the Conservative and Labour parties appear to have not gone to plan and only this morning many leading Conservative MPs are telling Theresa May that she will split the party if she decides to accept Jeremy Corbyn’s

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Brexit to drive pound to Swiss franc exchange rates

May 8, 2019

Yesterday the PM’s deputy David Liddington confirmed that the UK will be taking part in European elections, therefore in my view the cross-party talks between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are over. If the Prime Minister thought that they would be able to come to an agreement in the upcoming days Mr Liddington would not have made the announcement yesterday. Over the last 24 hours the pound has lost some value against the swiss franc due to the uncertainty the announcement has created.
Brexit deadlock
It looks like it’s a matter of time until Theresa May goes back to the House of Commons and asks MPs to vote on what the Government should do next. With Brexit in total deadlock the chances of another general election

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GBP/CHF exchange rates: A good start to the year, but what next for Brexit?

March 6, 2019

Since the start of the year GBP/CHF exchange rates have increased from 1.2377 to 1.3212 at the time of writing this report. To put this into monetary value, a client that converts £200,000 into CHF could now achieve an additional 16,700 Swiss Francs.
Sterling strength as no deal Brexit outcome fades
The pound has been gaining momentum across the board as the market prices in the fact that the UK is less likely to depart the EU without a deal. UK Prime Minister Theresa May went one step further last week when she confirmed that MPs will have the final say if her deal is not passed on the 12th. Furthermore she confirmed that on the 13th MPs will vote on whether the UK should depart the EU without a deal. I believe it’s

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SNB leave interest rates on hold, what next for GBP/CHF rates?

December 15, 2018

This morning the Swiss National Bank have left interest rates on hold at 0.75%, and market reaction between GBP/CHF has been limited. The Swiss Franc has rallied slightly against the US dollar and the Euro as forecasters were suggesting the SNB could cut interest rates further, however the events last night in the UK I believe outweighs the interest rate decision in Switzerland.
GBP/CHF rates: Pound rallies against Swiss Franc
The pound is rallying against the Swiss Franc as Prime Minister Theresa May managed to overcome a vote of no confidence. 317 Tory MPs took to the secret ballot and 117 voted against her which meant 200 voted in her favour given her a clear majority of 83. However to get the backing from MPs she

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Further falls for GBP/CHF exchange rate

November 30, 2018

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Over the last 4 weeks the pound has continued its decline against the Swiss Franc which is no surprise. Global events including Brexit, Italian debt problems and Trade wars are prompting investors to sell off their risky currencies and invest in safe havens such as the Swiss Franc.
Since the start of the month the GBP/CHF exchange rate has dropped from 1.3160 and is currently trades at 1.2685. To put this into monetary value a 200,000 Swiss Franc purchase now costs clients an additional £5,700 and I expect this figure will increase in the weeks to come.
The next key date to look for is the 11th December when Members of Parliament will have a meaningful vote in the House of Commons in regards

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Pound to Swiss Franc: CHF Strengthens Due to Events around the Globe

November 21, 2018

The Swiss Franc is known as a safe haven currency which means investors buy the franc in times of uncertainty. Over the last couple of weeks the Franc has been gaining ground against most major currencies as events around the globe unfold.

Brexit key driver for Pound to Swiss Franc rate
Brexit continues to put pressure on sterling and we are still waiting to find out if a vote of no confidence is called. The Prime Minister is in Brussels today meeting with Jean Claude Juncker. if the media get wind of any developments this could influence the Pound to Swiss Franc (GBP/CHF) rate, but in general the Pound remains under pressure which is helping the Franc to strengthen.
In addition Governor of the Bank of England Mark

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