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Louise Egan

July, 2020

  • 6 July

    A Road Map to Payment Systems

    On the road or in payment systems, traffic jams are a nightmare. But unlike our roads, our payment systems can avoid congestion thanks to redundancies. Simply put, the Bank of Canada invests in backup systems to ensure our operations are smooth and resilient, even in the face of disruptive events. COVID‑19 offers one example. The pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives, and payment systems are no exception. Amid concern that bank notes could carry the virus, many stores stopped accepting cash. Other shops were forced to close their storefronts. A lot of shopping moved online, where many retailers accept only certain forms of payment, such as credit cards and PayPal. This shift away from cash and toward online shopping made it difficult for people with limited payment options to

  • 6 July

    Business Outlook Survey—Summer 2020

    Data available as: CSV, JSON, and XML

  • 6 July

    Canadian Survey of Consumer Expectations—Second Quarter of 2020

    Data available as: CSV, JSON, and XML

June, 2020

  • 30 June

    Our COVID-19 response: navigating diverse economic impacts

    The pandemic and related containment measures have deeply affected Canadians and the Canadian economy. The impacts have been different across sectors and regions. The economic recovery will also look different across the country as local economies start to re-open. Lawrence L. Schembri

  • 30 June

    Bank of Canada partners with the Bank for International Settlements to launch innovation centre

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Available as: PDF The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the Bank of Canada announced today they will be launching a BIS Innovation Hub centre to advance fintech innovation within the central banking community. The centre will open in Toronto within two years and is one of four locations scheduled to open in North America and Europe. This partnership will advance the Bank’s understanding of the digital economy and the technological transformation of financial services. It builds on the

  • 29 June

    Our COVID-19 response: Supporting operations

    Nimble response As one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 10 consecutive years, we pride ourselves on our people-first philosophy. Investments in our infrastructure, staff and cyber security positioned us well to move quickly to a virtual workplace. Our transition to mandatory work from home for staff was efficient and relatively seamless. Internally, cross-functional emergency response teams started risk-response discussions in February. By mid-March, all staff were teleworking except those involved with and supporting our critical market, banking and currency operations. At the same time, the Bank and CFRG partners began meeting frequently to ensure a collaborated response within the highly interconnected financial system. At CFRG COVID-19 meetings, the Bank and its partners have been

  • 22 June

    Targeting inflation during the pandemic

    Canadian Clubs and Cercles canadiens

  • 18 June

    Spending patterns in a pandemic

    Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

  • 16 June

    Opening Statement before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

    Opening Statement House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Available as: PDF Introduction Good afternoon, Chair and committee members. It is an honour for me to appear before you as the 10th Governor of the Bank of Canada. I look forward to working with parliamentarians over the next seven years through regular appearances before committees of the House and Senate. These are an important part of the Bank of Canada’s accountability to Canadians. Today, Senior Deputy Governor Wilkins