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Bank of Japan
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) also known as Nippon Ginko, is the central bank of Japan. The Bank is often called Nichigin for short. It has its headquarters in Chuo, Tokyo.

Bank Of Japan

【3Dパズル】日本銀行を組み立てよう!! Let’s make ‘Bank of Japan’ 3D puzzle!!

日本銀行を組み立てよう!! 昭和49年(1974年)に国の重要文化財に指定された日本銀行・旧本館。 柱や丸屋根などのバロック様式に、規則正しく窓などのルネッサンス様式を加えた 「ネオ・バロック建築」です。 立体パズルで超リアルに再現しました! セット内容:パズルボード2枚、組み立て説明書 部品総数/ 55ピース  難易度/ ★★★ 完成までの時間/およそ1時間 完成サイズ/ 14×6.5×15.5(cm)...

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Bank of Japan Accounts (September 20)

September 24, 2020 Bank of Japan Assets (thousand yen) Gold 441,253,409 Cash1 175,211,444 Japanese government securities 538,209,214,451 Commercial paper2 5,333,192,831 Corporate bonds3 5,159,559,447 Pecuniary trusts (stocks held as trust property)4 643,084,574 Pecuniary trusts (index-linked exchange-traded funds held as trust property)5 34,113,179,157 Pecuniary trusts (Japan real estate investment trusts held...

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Speech by Governor KURODA in Osaka (Japan’s Economy and Monetary Policy)

日本語 KURODA Haruhiko Governor of the Bank of Japan September 23, 2020 Full Text [PDF 154KB] Figures [PDF 109KB] Introduction It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity today to exchange views with a distinguished gathering of business leaders in the Kansai region, which is taking place online this year due to the continued impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). I would like to take this chance to express my...

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