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Bank of Japan
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) also known as Nippon Ginko, is the central bank of Japan. The Bank is often called Nichigin for short. It has its headquarters in Chuo, Tokyo.

Bank Of Japan

Bank of Japan Accounts (July 20)

July 24, 2017 Bank of Japan Assets (thousand yen) Gold 441,253,409 Cash1 226,410,815 Japanese government securities 427,773,159,516 Commercial paper2 2,319,122,816 Corporate bonds3 3,170,019,266 Pecuniary trusts (stocks held as trust property)4 1,118,558,476 Pecuniary trusts (index-linked exchange-traded funds held as trust property)5 14,549,752,066 Pecuniary trusts (Japan real estate investment trusts held as...

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(Research Paper) Behavioral Biases in Firms’ Growth Expectations

July 21, 2017 Maiko Koga*1 Haruko Kato*2 Full Text [PDF 379KB] Abstract This paper provides evidence that firms exhibit behavioral biases in their growth expectations. Using firm-level survey data, we document that optimism and pessimism biases are generated by the business cycle, financial market conditions, and firm-specific factors including firms' past experiences. We also demonstrate that biases affect the real business...

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Notice on “Loans and Bills Discounted by Sector”

July 21, 2017 Bank of Japan Research and Statistics Department Starting with the next release on August 10, 2017, the Bank of Japan is going to release the entire time-series data set -- for the period extending back to June 1999 -- of "Loans and Bills Discounted by Sector" in "BOJ Time-Series Data Search." Inquiries Economic Statistics Division, Research and Statistics Department E-mail : post.rsd5@boj.or.jp

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