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New 100 Swiss Franc Note Coming Soon

Recently, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) unveiled the new 100 franc banknote. Only one note missing – © Janusz Pieńkowski | The note’s design is inspired by Switzerland’s tradition of humanitarianism, represented on the note by water. The note remains blue but is much smaller than the existing one, making it easier to fit into wallets. The note is the last one in Switzerland’s ninth series of notes to be updated. Updating the series began in April 2016...

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Swiss National Bank Presents New 100-Franc Note

100-Franc Note - Click to enlarge The Swiss National Bank (SNB) will begin releasing the new 100-franc note on 12 September 2019, bringing the issuance of the ninth banknote series to a close. The first denomination in the new series, the 50-franc note, entered circulation on 13 April 2016. This was followed by the 20, 10, 200 and 1000-franc notes, which were released at six or twelve-month intervals. The inspiration behind the new banknote series is ‘The many...

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Pound to Swiss Franc forecast: Investors flock to the CHF, will the Swiss National Bank curb demand for the Franc?

Sterling slides against the Swiss Franc as Brexit and the global economic outlook weigh on the Pound The pound to Swiss franc exchange rate has fallen lower below 1.20 for the GBP vs CHF pair with interbank rates currently sitting at 1.189. The slide in the pound against the Swiss franc has presented those looking to sell Swiss francs with an opportunity to convert when compared to recent months. Brexit is one factor...

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Pressure returns on Swiss franc amid global uncertainty

The Swiss franc has started to appreciate in value against other currencies, including the euro, once again. One knock-on effect of the escalating trade war between the United States and China is that the Swiss franc is becoming more attractive for investors – putting pressure on the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to come to the defence of the safe haven currency. For much of July a euro bought at least CHF1.10. But the...

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Swiss Central Bank under Pressure as Franc Rises

Yesterday, the Swiss franc reached its highest level against the euro in two years. The EUR/CHF exchange rate reached 1.097 on 24 July 2019, a rate not seen since early 2017. Source: Valeriya Potapova - Click to enlarge Upward pressure on the franc is partly being driven by expectations of interest rate cuts by eurozone and US central banks. In addition, the franc is considered a safe haven currency and...

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Pound to Swiss Franc exchange rates remain docile despite yesterday’s UK political developments

Movement for the Pound to Swiss Franc pair limited Pound to Swiss franc exchange rates have remained relatively rangebound this week, despite yesterday’s political developments inside the UK. Whilst the GBP/CHF pair is historically less volatile than GBP/EUR for an example, a range of only two cents movement over the past month is testament to the current market uncertainty. GBP has hit a high of 1.2457, whilst trading...

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