Wednesday , April 21 2021
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Is capitalism broken? | Guy Standing, Izabella Kaminska, Jamie Whyte, and Steven King

Guy Standing, Jamie Whyte, Izabella Kaminska and Stephen King debate if we can save capitalism. Watch the full debate at It is just twenty-five years since Fukuyama’s claim, taken seriously at the time, that capitalism and liberal democracy had won, and represented the endpoint of cultural advance. Instead, after a decade of stagnation marked by extremes of wealth...

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The power of money, the 2008 crash, and the next economic crisis | Izabella Kaminska

Is the economy rigged against the working class, and is a new crash inevitable? Izabella Kaminska lifts the lid on the world of finance Find more debates and talks at After the financial crisis in 2008, tigher regulations were imposed to curb bankers’ behaviour. But 12 years on, are the regulators now serving the bankers’ interests rather than ours? And as controls tighten on traditional currencies, is cryptocurrency becoming the new wild west? Izabella...

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