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West Virginia Gov. Personally On The Hook For $700MM In Greensill Collapse

The collapse of Greensill Capital has been the biggest financial scandal of the year so far, having set off a massive public corruption scandal in the UK that has deeply embarrassed the ruling Conservative Party due to the close involvement of former PM David Cameron, who was on the Greensill payroll and was caught trying to steer relief funds meant for small businesses to Greensill to help avert its collapse. Most recently, Credit Suisse cited Greensill as its...

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UBS, Desperate To Retain Talent, Now Offering $40,000 Bonuses To Newly Promoted Associates

It looks like the hiring (and retention) shortage isn’t just for rank-and-file minimum wage jobs. UBS has now said that, amidst historic competition and a “retention crisis” in the investment banking world (which we noted weeks ago), it is going to pay a one time $40,000 bonus to its global banking analysts when they are promoted. This is double what some of the bank’s competitors are offering. It’s part of a push for lenders “to reward and retain younger employees...

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Credit Suisse Hires Former Prime Brokerage Head To Restore Business After Archegos Blowup

After firing a raft of senior employees including its head of risk, Lara Warner, Credit Suisse has been struggling to move past a series of major risk-management failures that together could cost the bank $10 billion, or more, though the final tally of losses from the Archegos blowup isn’t yet known as the bank weighs whether it should cover some client losses associated with the “low risk” trade-finance funds that collapsed earlier this year. Following reports that...

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The $3 Trillion Hidden Exposure Behind The Archegos Blowup

Authored by Nick Dunbar of Risky FinanceWhen the family office Archegos Capital abruptly imploded in late March, prompting $50 billion in block trades and $10 billion in losses at Credit Suisse, Nomura, UBS and Morgan Stanley, many bank analysts were taken by surprise. Last week, many of these analysts sounded frustrated listening to Credit Suisse’s earnings call in which senior management skirted round without giving any real detail about the disaster.“Do you think...

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Credit Suisse Dumping Huge Archegos Blocks; Liquidating Millions In VIACS, VIPS And FTCH

Literally moments ago we said that the Archegos portoflio was being sold off all day on fears of “stealth” prime broker deleveraging, as tens of millions of shares were yet to be accounted for. Then, moments after 5pm, Credit Suisse – the firm that was hammered the hardest by the Archegos implosion and which had yet to provide a detailed breakdown of its Bill Hwang-linked P&L – confirmed what we said, when it unveiled a massive secondary offering dump, including...

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UBS Tumbles After Biggest Swiss Bank Misses Key Targets As Investors Pull Money

The rift between the US (where rates are still positive) and European banks (where rates have never been more negative) continues to grow. While US banks have so far reported mostly better than expected results for Q4, the same can not be said for Europe, where UBS shares are down 5% as the bank misses fiscal year profitability and cost targets in addition to trimming its mid-term goals. As Saxobank notes, “UBS has been hit by wealth management outflows, negative...

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