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Fast-Moving FinTech Poses Challenge for Regulators

By Antonio Garcia Pascual and Fabio Natalucci Emerging firms are quickly making inroads into critical financial services, and often taking on more risk than traditional banks. Technology sometimes moves at a dizzying pace. When it comes to innovation in financial activities, often referred to as FinTech, the world is seeing major advances. For banks, FinTech disrupts core financial services and pushes them to innovate to remain relevant. For consumers, it means potentially wider access to...

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Crypto Prices Move More in Sync With Stocks, Posing New Risks

By Tobias Adrian, Tara Iyer and Mahvash S. Qureshi There’s a growing interconnectedness between virtual assets and financial markets. Crypto assets such as Bitcoin have matured from an obscure asset class with few users to an integral part of the digital asset revolution, raising financial stability concerns. Crypto assets are no longer on the fringe of the financial system. The market value of these novel assets rose to nearly $3 trillion in November from $620 billion in 2017, on soaring...

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Top 10 Blogs of 2021 Show Breadth of Global Policy Challenges

The arc of 2021, from tentative recovery to resurgent uncertainty, may feel like more of a circle for many around the world who are understandably weary of the pandemic and eager for a return to normal. But to monetary and fiscal policymakers—who could be forgiven for also feeling weary amid prolonged crisis—the year ended in a much different place, as many prepare to unwind unprecedented support. That normalization process will demand clear communications despite facing many unknowns....

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IMF Podcasts: The Year in Review

The past year has brought us new challenges even as the old ones persist. If anything, the ongoing pandemic has taught us to think differently about tackling the challenges and questions we currently face when it comes to big issues like climate change, gender equality, inflation and economic measurement. In this editor’s pick of 10 podcasts from the past year, we present (in no particular order) conversations with top thinkers on a range of topics and issues that we will continue to confront...

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Making Electronic Money Safer in the Digital Age

By José Garrido and Jan Nolte  عربي, 中文, Español, Français, 日本語, Русский As e-money use grows, regulators need to focus on consumer protection and the integrity of the overall payments system. Imagine you go to pay for your morning coffee and your stored-value card returns an error message, or the wallet in the payments app on your phone isn’t opening because the company providing the payment service has gone bankrupt. Worse, what if you live in a rural area and the e-money service provided...

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Global Crypto Regulation Should be Comprehensive, Consistent, and Coordinated  

The IMF’s mandate is to safeguard the stability of the international monetary and financial system, and crypto assets are changing the system profoundly. By Tobias Adrian, Dong He, and Aditya Narain Crypto assets and associated products and services have grown rapidly in recent years. Furthermore, interlinkages with the regulated financial system are rising. Policymakers struggle to monitor risks from this evolving sector, in which many activities are unregulated. In fact, we think these...

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