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For Venezuela’s Neighbors, Mass Migration Brings Economic Costs and Benefits

By Emilio Fernandez Corugedo and Jaime Guajardo Español, Português The world’s newest migration crisis is unfolding in Latin America, where Venezuela’s economic collapse and unprecedented humanitarian crisis has sparked a wave of emigration to neighboring countries. While these countries are providing helpful support to migrants in many areas, large migration flows have strained public services and labor markets in these countries. According to the Response for Venezuelans, which is a...

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Chart of the Week Frontier Market Borrowing Binge

By IMFBlog Español, Português Rock bottom global interest rates have been a boon for so-called frontier-market countries, which have been able to borrow cheaply to finance their development needs. But there can be too much of a good thing: countries that don’t put the money to good use may have trouble servicing their loans and find themselves at risk of default. As the Chart of the Week shows, hard-currency bond sales by frontier issuers—countries such as Angola, Belarus, Ecuador, and...

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Corruption in Latin America: A Way Forward

By David Lipton, Alejandro Werner, and S. Pelin Berkmen September 28, 2017 Versions in Español (Spanish),  Português (Portuguese) Sustained action on many fronts will be needed to push countries out of the corruption trap (photo: People Images/iStock).  In our first blog of this two-part series, we noted that, despite recent progress, corruption in Latin America is still high. In this second blog, we look at measures to fight corruption that have worked well in other countries....

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Corruption in Latin America: Taking Stock

By  David Lipton, Alejandro Werner, Carlos Gonçalves September 21, 2017  Versions in Español (Spanish)  Português (Portuguese) Systemic corruption drains public resources and drags down economic growth (photo: People Images/iStock). Corruption continues to make headlines in Latin America. From a scheme to shelter assets leaked by documents in Panama, to the Petrobras and Odebrecht scandals that have spread beyond Brazil, to eight former Mexican state governors facing charges or being...

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In Transition: The Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean

By Alejandro Werner Versions in: Português (Portuguese),  Español (Spanish) Following a rough start at the beginning of the year, both external and domestic conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean have improved. But the outlook for the region is still uncertain. Commodity prices have recovered since their February 2016 trough, but they are still expected to remain low for the foreseeable future. This has been accompanied by a brake—or even a reversal—in the large exchange rate...

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