Friday , May 29 2020


Pie charts for Pi Day : FRED offers a variety of keen ways to display data

March 14, aka 3/14, is Pi Day because the Greek letter pi represents 3.14 etc. This post offers pie charts because the FRED Blog is not above using puns. Now, these delectable pie charts cover a variety of topics from recent blog posts. Observe the appealing ways FRED can help you display data, and then click the headings to review the posts themselves. Percentage of homeownership rate by racial and ethnic group in the U.S.[embedded content] The price of a BLT sandwich[embedded...

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CO2 in the air: How does it get there? : CO2 emissions by fuel type and sector

[embedded content] In a previous post, we looked at carbon emissions by fuel type broken down by different economic sectors. Today, we slice the data another way: We look at each economic sector and break down their emissions by fuel type. The first graph shows that the big emitters are transportation, electric power generation, and industry. Overall emissions have tended to decline, mostly thanks to a decline from power generation. [embedded content] The next graph shows the commercial...

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