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Making the Euro Area More Resilient Before the Next Recession Hits

By Shekhar Aiyar, John Bluedorn, and Romain Duval Español, Français, Português Growth in the euro area rebounded earlier this year, but it remains fragile, while risks have increased. Now is a good time for euro area economies to strengthen their ability to weather any future economic difficulties. A new IMF staff paper looks at the resilience of euro area countries and finds that they have had more frequent and severe recessions than other advanced economies over the past 20 years. An...

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Designing Labor Policies to Foster Inclusive Growth in Emerging Markets

By Romain Duval and Prakash Loungani Emerging market economies have enjoyed good growth in recent decades but are still far from closing gaps in living standards with advanced economies. Emerging markets also need growth to be shared by everyone, particularly by providing their growing populations with good jobs and social protection. In a new IMF staff paper, we look at how the design of labor markets—institutions and policies—could foster inclusive growth in these countries.    ...

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Chart of the WeekYoung and Disconnected from Work

By IMFBlog Young people face tough labor markets and job shortages in countries all over the world. For example, about 20 percent of 15- to 24-year-olds in the average emerging market and developing economy are neither in work nor in school—this group includes countries such as Brazil, Ghana, and Malaysia, among others. This is double the share in the average advanced economy. How can emerging markets close this gap? A recent IMF staff study points to a series of policies that can improve...

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Chart of the WeekChina’s Digital Dividend

By Longmei Zhang and Sally Chen Digitalization has created millions of new jobs in China, accounting for between one-third and one-half of employment growth in the world’s second-largest economy. Our Chart of the Week shows employment in two sectors: information and communications technology (ICT) and retailing. ICT added 14 million new jobs for high-skilled workers in the five years through 2016, and the average wage doubled. But ICT is just one part of a much larger picture. E-commerce...

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Unlimited Opportunities: Creating More Jobs for Young People in Emerging Market and Developing Economies

By Christine Lagarde and John Bluedorn عربي, Español,Français, Português, Русский “To define is to limit,” Oscar Wilde once said. But sometimes economists need to use definitions to see the scope of a problem and find ways to lift the limits to success. This is especially true for young people in emerging markets and developing economies. We know that young people are essential to economic development and growth. They make up approximately one-third of the working-age population in the...

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Chart of the Week: Sub-Saharan Africa’s Growth—A Tale of Different Experiences

By IMFBlog December 13, 2018 Villagers of Moruleng mining community in South Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa countries can see an increase in growth by relying less on commodities and more on non-resource intensive investments. (Photo: SIPHIWE SIBEKI/Reuters/Newscom) The story of Africa’s growth rate over recent years is a tale with several story lines.  Key to the tale is the degree of dependence on commodities.  Our Chart of the Week shows how the greater a country’s reliance on...

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