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Chart of the WeekEurope’s Wage-Price Puzzle

By Richard Varghese Does higher wage growth fuel inflation? In Europe, that has historically been the case. But the link between wage growth and inflation has weakened in recent years amid low inflation expectations, robust corporate profitability, and strong competitive pressures. The price of labor—namely wages—is rising at a robust pace, especially in the European Union’s newer member states. Yet, surprisingly, inflation has barely risen. We set out to shed light on this puzzle in...

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Chart of the Week: Words Count for Central Bank Communications in Latin America

By Juan Yepez  October 15, 2018  Effective central bank communications are essential in guiding market expectations (photo: lionvision/iStock) When it comes to central banks in Latin America, sometimes words can speak louder than actions. This is because the public and investors rely on central bank communications to make economic and financial decisions. So, clear and consistent communications from a central bank about policy decisions and the economic outlook are essential to guide...

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Chart of the Week: Invest in Robots and People in Asia

By IMFBlog August 29, 2018 An engineer adjusts a robot arm in a robotics plant in Shenyang, China, where industrial robots are widely used for manufacturing (photo: Yang Qing Xinhua News Agency/Newscom) With about 1 million robots in use in Asia, robotics and automation mean economic risks and growth opportunities for the region. For Asia to fully reap this digital opportunity as the world’s main engine of growth, countries need to revamp their education systems and invest in...

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