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Chart of the WeekCould Renewed Social Unrest Hinder the Recovery?

By Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov, Samuel Pienknagura, and Luca Ricci Protests driven by the pandemic’s economic fallout are on the rise, with potentially long-lasting economic consequences. Protests can be catalysts for political reform and social change. But what impact do they have on the economy? According to the latest Global Peace Index, the number of riots, general strikes and anti-government demonstrations around the world have increased by a staggering 244 percent in the last decade....

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Chart of the WeekHow Stock Markets Respond to Social Unrest

Philip Barrett and Sophia Chen What happens to stock markets when social unrest—such as mass protests and riots—occurs? Are investors scared-off by the disorder? Or are they buoyed by the prospect of positive, popular change in response to unrest? Our chart of the week, drawn from our recent IMF staff working paper, uses a new dataset of 156 social unrest events during 2011–20 to shed some light on these questions. It shows that in countries with more open and democratic institutions, social...

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COVID’s Long Shadow: Social Repercussions of Pandemics

By Philip Barrett, Sophia Chen, and Nan Li عربي, 中文, Español, Français, 日本語, Português, Русский  In 1832, the great cholera pandemic hit Paris. In just a few months, the disease killed 20,000 of the city’s 650,000 population. Most fatalities occurred in the heart of the city, where many poor workers lived in squalid conditions, drawn to Paris by the Industrial Revolution. The spread of the disease heightened class tensions, as the rich blamed the poor for spreading the disease and the poor...

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Chart of the WeekWhen Inequality is High, Pandemics Can Fuel Social Unrest

By Tahsin Saadi Sedik and Rui Xu In the months and years following previous pandemics, the countries most affected saw a rise in social unrest. Based on this historical trend, the COVID-19 pandemic could pose a threat to the social fabric in many countries, but these trends do not pre-determine an outcome. Pandemics can set off a vicious cycle of economic despair, inequality, and social unrest. We take a closer look into this issue in a new IMF staff working paper by analyzing the...

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Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean: New Challenges to Growth

By Alejandro Werner Economic activity in Latin America and the Caribbean stagnated in 2019, continuing with the weak growth momentum of the previous five years and adding more urgency and new challenges to reignite growth. Indeed, real GDP per capita in the region has declined by 0.6 percent per year on average during 2014–2019—a sharp contrast from the commodity boom’s average increase of two percent per year during 2000–2013. This weak momentum reflects structural and cyclical factors....

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