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Communications as a Policy Tool

By Gerry Rice and Olga Stankova عربي, 中文, Español, Русский When it comes to forging economic policy, communicating with the public is no longer an afterthought. Instead, communications are increasingly seen as a policy tool in itself. To be sure, communications can never be a substitute for good policies. But economic reforms are more likely to fail or even be reversed unless they are understood, believed, and accepted by those whom they affect. The same principle applies to a wide range of...

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Latin America and the Caribbean in 2018: An Economic Recovery in the Making

By Alejandro Werner January 25, 2018 Versions in Español (Spanish) and Português (Portuguese) Latin America’s economic recovery is expected to benefit from higher commodity prices (photo: iStock by Getty Images) Recent trends in the world economy and financial markets are good news for Latin America. Global growth and trade are on an upswing, and we expect the momentum to continue in 2018. Stronger commodity prices have also helped the region rebound. Benefiting from these...

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A Field Guide to Exchange Rate Regimes in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

By Philip Gerson and Johannes Wiegand For an economist interested in examining the evolution of monetary and exchange rate regimes, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (CESEE) provides a habitat of unparalleled diversity. Almost every type of regime can be found in the region: from floating and inflation targeting over various pegs to the unilateral use of the euro and full euro area membership. Why do CESEE’s monetary regimes differ so much from one another, and how have they...

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