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The Declining Fortunes of the Young

By Era Dabla-Norris , Carlo Pizzinelli, and Jay Rappaport Will I do as well as my parents? A positive answer to this question once seemed a foregone conclusion; now, for recent generations, less so. Despite being more educated than their parents, millennials—those born between 1980 and 2000—may have less job stability during their working life. Concerns that it might be more difficult to break into the middle class, or to have enough retirement savings, are also rising to the fore in...

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Five Facts on Fintech

By Tobias Adrian and Ceyla Pazarbasioglu From artificial intelligence to mobile applications, technology helps to increase your access to secure and efficient financial products and services. Since fintech offers the chance to boost economic growth and expand financial inclusion in all countries, the IMF and World Bank surveyed central banks, finance ministries, and other relevant agencies in 189 countries on a range of topics and received 96 responses. A new paper details the results of...

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Global Cooperation—An Uphill Battle: Finance & Development magazine

By Camilla Lund Andersen August 30, 2017 As access to information burgeons, experts are more crucial than ever This issue of F&D looks at what is arguably the clearest challenge the world faces: how to address complex global problems amid growing skepticism about the benefits of multilateralism and continued global integration. Ten years after the global financial crisis, voter dissatisfaction with rising inequality and lack of meaningful jobs has led some countries to focus on...

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