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*** ALTSEASON IS HERE *** Orbs 700% in a week, NASDAQ, Goldman Sachs, Bank of Japan, DCA BTC

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Bank of Japan considers the following as important:

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The movement toward a Cashless Society is inevitable. It is a natural cycle of the next big wave of technology and disruption. Embrace it and profit, because you don't necessarily have any other choice. Now, let's proceed to witness this all unfold, and what I believe to be yet another massive bubble in the total global economy.


This is not financial advice, and I'm not a financial adviser. By watching this video, you agree that you are responsible for your own financial decisions, and that everything in the video is my own personal opinion and to not be taken as financial advice or instruction. I create these videos for educational and informational purposes only. Please do your own research, and use my videos only as a starting point for exploring cryptocurrency and digital assets.

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Twitter: @_Is_Inevitable
Bank of Japan
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) also known as Nippon Ginko, is the central bank of Japan. The Bank is often called Nichigin for short. It has its headquarters in Chuo, Tokyo.

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